Blue Sky Personalized Hands-On Fly Fishing Schools

Our Blue Sky Fly Fishing Schools can be booked at any time for individuals or corporations to suit their schedule or safety and/or awards programs. Most schools are usually limited to one through three participants because over the years of running these schools our participant feed back has shown us that limiting class size really personalizes and gives the best possible individual experience. Our small class size allows the students to experience plenty of personal attention throughout the program with a supportive hands-on guidance during practical exercises. Our San Juan River instructors also feel the participants get the best value for money and transference of knowledge as well as the best physical help with the mechanics and physical skills involved in this challenging world of fly fishing.

Feel free to phone, fax or e-mail us at anytime in order to schedule and participate. You may even purchase classroom time for a friend, relative or spouse. We also have gift certificates available suitable for Christmas presents, birthday presents or as awards to corporate employees. The certificates can be made out as a full gift or in any dollar denomination towards the school that you require. Many of our schools usually involve small groups consisting of a father and son, husband and wife, corporate colleagues or a few fishing buddies. This really allows the participants to feel comfortable and relaxed allowing each individual to really enjoy and get the most out of our programs and time on the San Juan River.

During our classes anyone can learn how to properly cast with your fly fishing rod and reel.

We also offer some fun and very enlightening fly fishing courses that will immensely improve your knowledge base, understanding and fishing success rates. This means we can take the initial confusion out of fly fishing for you and help you to more fully relax and enjoy your time while you are in an actual fishing situation. Our licensed professional instructors are very well qualified, well-spoken, patient, have great personalities, very knowledgeable and all are excellent teachers.

We provide a variety of programs and are glad to adjust the content to suit your specific needs or level of expectation from beginner to expert. The cost of each program is very affordable and will vary depending on duration, type of school and level of instruction. If an individual wants personal lessons one-on-one with special individual attention, this obviously costs more than a school involving more participants. Please feel free to contact us for prices on any of the below schools.

Types of Schools (Full Day Rates $375 for 1 to 3 people)
  • On-Stream Schools
  • Entomology Schools
  • Casting Schools
  • Fly Tying Schools
  • Boat Handling Schools
  • We will discuss general fly-fishing strategies
  • Learn to read the water
  • Learn proper line control
  • Lake Fishing Schools
  • General fly-fishing schools
  • For special circumstances we can even offer guiding schools/apprenticeships
Note: Full Day is eight hours with a half hour to an hour for lunch to be determined with participants during actual program. We also offer personal instruction by the hour at a rate of $45.00/hr.

Lake and River Schools Details

San Juan River fly fishing.

We will be offering informative hands-on schools involving a full day being spent on location at anyone of the streams/lakes covered in this website. We will try to schedule your school for a day on the of water of your choice when an insect hatch your interested in is hopefully scheduled to take place. This will allow you to be on the water during heavy insect activity allowing you to have the opportunity to learn about the selected insect hatch/hatches first hand.

This method allows us to clarify the insect’s complete lifecycle and vulnerable stages in a concrete visual manner and go onto explain what stages trout concentrate there feeding efforts on. We will then take you through a well-stocked fly box showing you a complete selection of very effective fly patterns, which imitate the vulnerable stages of this insect’s lifecycle. We will also cover fishing skills such as locating and reading productive water, trout feeding patterns, fishing strategies, presentation, productive fly patterns and casting skills.

Beautiful scenery along the San Juan.

There will be plenty of hands on insect sampling on the stream bottom, stream surface and airborne adult insect sampling with nets. This will ensure you are aware of how, when and why site specific aquatic and terrestrial insects become a food item on the trout’s main menu. The aquatic insects, terrestrial insects and forage food forms that present an easy feeding opportunity for the trout are the particular food forms we will focus on in this program. This program will clarify to the participant that it is a specific feeding opportunity or situation that attracts the trout’s culinary interests not a casual haphazard preference for a non-productive single food item.

The specific sets of factors that must be present for a trout to feed efficiently are critical to both good health and long-term survival. These critical issues are an easy meal that is present in a substantial quantity, at the same time becoming very vulnerable in a susceptible highly nutritional format, and require little or no energy in an effort to consume it. These important aquatic insects that initiate the trout’s selective culinary interests usually hatch in heavy numbers over a prolonged period at the same time of the angling season and time of day, year in and year out in a specific order. The trout get accustomed to their annual appearance through repetition and become selective to both physical insect features and lifecycle vulnerabilities. These especially wonderful insects are the fly fisherman’s real interest and anglers have gained a deep appreciation for these, specific aquatic insects.

Enjoy a nice quiet San Juan wade trip.

We will also cover what good casting involves throughout the program; time will be well spent on all the basic casting skills. Such as casting accuracy, angle of presentation, the advantages and success gentle presentation accomplishes, why drag free floats are so important, as well as why line control and line manipulation are so critical to success. If you feel you would like to cover all or any one specific stream presentation cast we will set aside time for this. The ultimate objective of course is to provide the participant with the opportunity to approach, cast to and catch some decent trout that are actively feeding in or on the surface film to the insect we are in the process of learning about.



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