Why You Should Hire a Professional San Juan River, NM Fly Fishing Guide?

Rainbow underwater.

Sometimes the smallest of things can make the difference between catching the big trout and standing by and admiring someone else’s catch. The best anglers know that Peggy showing off her casting skills.given enough time on the water under various conditions and situations, eventually they are going to figure out what it is going to take to catch fish. But truly great anglers know that capitalizing on the knowledge of a "local" professional is going to be a tremendous shortcut in gaining that knowledge they are going to need. Yes, professional anglers will actually hire professional guides before fishing new and unknown waters.

A Guide Will Help You Learn New Waters

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with a river or lake and you want your trip to be a success. By hiring a guide you receive the advantage of maximizing your time on unfamiliar water. Instead of learning and searching you will be fishing and catching. You will not waste time straining through unproductive water or using the wrong fly on good water. Your guide is on the water every day during peak seasons and knows exactly where the fish have been holding and what flies are likely to be producing the best results. Your guide can be a tremendous shortcut to virtual success in learning new and proven techniques. Believe it or not, even professional tournament anglers often hire a guide when they are scouting a lake before a big tournament. They know that fishing unfamiliar waters can get time consuming and even expensive.

A Guide is More Cost Effective
light tackle largemouth

The first thing most people look at when considering a guide is usually the price. When you add up the price of a drift boat, jet boat, trailer, insurance, storage, along with the price of a tow vehicle and fuel, pretty quickly hiring a guide starts to look very much like a very wise bargain. It looks even better when you consider the additional fishing success. Splitting your expenses two ways with another angler makes it even more attractive. Don’t forget that it is hard to fish while you are rowing. Plus, rowing your own drift boat takes a lot of practice as well as taking away from your valuable fishing time.

The reason anglers return to us year after year is because we take all the bother out of having an outstanding fishing excursion. We do all the preparation and you’ll get all the fun, excitement, and the credit. We wouldn’t have it any other way! All we ask is that you try us for just one trip and you will be hooked for a lifetime.



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